Friday, July 29, 2011


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I absolutly adore ALEXA CHUNG!!!!When I think of her style I'd say she's a mixture of  an American hipster with a dash of a little Lolita throw in some quirky "geek chic"  pieces with the edge and sex appeal of an indie rocking front woman and you'll have a 100% stylish chick.She is definatel on my radar for this up-and-coming fall season!!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011



(tunic-F21,short-DIY vintage levis,bag/foxtail-ebay,belt-vintage,sandals-topman,hat-H&M, sunglasses-vintage)

When I think of summer I think of Festival Season, from Coachella to Glastonbury( neither of the two I can afford to attend) I feel the sense to embrace my inner hippy. Many of my friends and strangers that see me wandering around always say in some shape or form " You must have have been some sort of hippy, protesting, radical that died for their cause and was reborn" I kinda believe that may be true I've always found my self being inspired by the free spirited 60's and hazy dazed 70's, more so in the spring and summer months of the year.Spring/summer2011 has really opened my eyes to new colors I would usually over look,although my style roots have mostly always been boho/grungy I mostly always stuck to a more muted color scheme.If you would have told me 2 years ago you will be dancing around in a field with a bright multicolored tie-dye top I'd probably think you were crazy!!!


(hat-H&M,sunglasses-vintage, necklaces-F21,silver belt-thifted vintage, patterned belt-F21,oxford shoes-thifted vintage, bracelet-vintage, ring-F21, bag- vintage, t-shirt-urban outfitters, poncho-F21, acid washed shorts-DIY vintage levis,)

Honestly today I was in a rut with my wardrobe and wanted to wear something new(or something I bought months ago). I bought this really cool poncho at Forever 21 and it was a hit amongst the customers it litterally sold down in a matter of minutes of being put on to the sells floor!!!I keep seeing all of these really cool Spanish Moss and Free People adds with really hot models wearing very throw back looking kimono/poncho tops, and at $22.80 why not.My bag gets compliments every where I go it was a great investment and it was only $7 at the Salvation Army, I just restrapped with a strap from an old Coach bag, this guy on the street offered me $100 for it as you and see I declinedits a rare vintage find!!!
I'm curious to know what are your most treasured finds!!!


(hat-F21,sunglasses-F21, rings/necklaces-F21, bracelet-vintage, t-shirt-urban outfitters, leopard shorts-F21,

I really wanted to break outside of my comfort zone today!!!I basically took a cropped boxy "boho" top from Urban Outfitters and paired with exoctic leopard printed shorts and preppy oxford shoes. I also think of this look as "THE CLASH" because most people in everyday life would not usually paired such pieces together but I just said "Eh, what hell" and did it!!!


(hat-21 men's, jacket/blazer-vintage, tank top-F21, shorts-DIY vintage gloria vanderbilt, clutch-F21, moccasins-minnatonka, vintage concho belt)

The Wild Wild West was calling and I gladly accepted the call!!! I just want to paired native american themed pieces and style them in a modern way!!!

P.S!!! sorry for the LONG HIATIS!!! I will stay on top of my blog with more frequent posts!!!